Darleena Anderson-Cozzo LPC MHSP NCC

To Military Service Members and Family:

Having a loved one deployed is one of the most challenging experiences a family can face. We are here to support and assist you through this experience before, during and after your loved one's deployment.

To Current War Veterans:

We recognize that returning to civilian life can have physical, emotional, and psychological challenges. An upcoming deployment or redeployment can be extremely stressful as you face unknown challenges and separation from your loved ones. Whether before your deployment or while on leave, we here at Tranquility Counseling are ready to serve you.

As part of the mission; we here at Tranquility Counseling are working hard to serve our Country and Military personnel and their families.


We are profoundly committed to providing safe, confidential counseling, and health care treatment experiences for current war veterans, service members, and military families. No information will be released to any outside party with the following exceptions as required by law:

• If you give written authorization to release information to a particular person.

• If you are in immediate danger to self or others.

• If there is a reason to suspect child or elder abuse/neglect.

• To a court under court order

Darleena Anderson-Cozzo has extensive knowledge and expertise in providing behavioral health services to our military and armed forces. She has provided support and consults both Conus and Oconus. She has been recognized and coined for her willingness and readiness to support the mission, soldiers, and their families during crisis, deployments, and re-integration.

We are a Tricare provider and look forward to working with you or your family member.